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Frank: Hello Gracie.

Gracie: Oh Frank, what are you doing here.

Frank: Your brother sent me to talk to you. Look please forgive me my account was hacked and I'm sorry. Please.Waaaah! 

Gracie: Well.

Miku: He's telling the truth you know.

Gracie: Miku.

James: He deeply apologizes for everything .

Gracie: James.

Frank: Please can we be friends again? I don't want to suffer anymore. *gets on knees and crying* Please I'm lost without my friend.

Gracie: Frank. *runs up and hugs him* Yes lets be friends again. *tears started falling*

Frank: You can thank James and Miku, they made this happen.

Gracie: Thanks you guys, so much.

James and Miku: *hugs them*

James: You're welcome sis.
(Mimu was drawing a picture for Gracie and the others, she’s not a good drawer but she’s passionate about it she drew her best friend Gracie, herself, her favorite sister Miku, her favorite brother James, and a white cat named Mommy)

(James’s house: living room)

(Mimu): I hope they like it. (puts the crayons aside)
(Gracie): Mimu, come on we’re going to the mall.
(Mimu): Coming. (runs and jump into James’s hoodie) Ready.
(Miku): (giggles) You sure love being in that hoodie.
(Mimu): Yes, so soft. (snuggles in hoodie)
(Gracie): Aww.
(James): Come on girls.
(Miku): Coming.

(The gang hopped onto James’s motorcycle it was a dark n red with a silver skull implanted on the hood. Miku changed into her feral form and hopped into James’s Jacket and Gracie was sitting behind James wrapping her arms around his waist she begin to blush for a bit)

(James): Ready girls?
(Miku): (popped out of James’s Jacket) Ready.
(Mimu): Ready.
(Gracie): Ready.
(James): Let’s go.
(James revved up his bike and drove to the Safe haven Mall. During the ride Mimu took a little cat nap dreaming about her real mother wondering if she’s out there somewhere. She first heard about her mother after the Halloween party. When Jakou first mention it and James suddenly knew, she was curious if her real mother was alive. She has so many questions waiting to be answered but James kept that secret from them without telling them. Gracie was mad when her brother wouldn’t let them in on his secret, he doesn’t want to get them involved until Mimu was ready. But she lashed out at him saying that she will find her on her own. James consulted her on not leaving but she wouldn’t take no for an answer, which let up the two battling out with each other she wanted to prove that she gotten stronger but James didn’t see it he was able beat her to the ground. And asked her that if she wanted to prove that she gotten stronger he asked her to kill him. She took hold of his sniper rifle and aimed it at her brother and she hesitated when James kept telling her to pull the trigger. When she fired, the shot missed she dropped the rifle and James told her why can’t she do it. She told him that he is her brother and she couldn’t bring herself on killing the greatest brother she loved with all her heart, she ran up to him and hugged him and started crying. James was happy he doesn’t want to kill her either he loves her so much. James found the scared crying kitten hiding behind the couch, she was frightened that she doesn’t know who to trust, but James and Gracie told her that everything is ok. She ran up and hugged him knowing that they promise to help search for her but they didn’t have any leads and they’ve been searching for leads ever since. Later on they arrived at the Mall)

(Safehaven Mall)

(James): Think we should wake her up?
(Gracie): No, let her sleep.
(Mimu): (talks in her sleep) Mommy.
(Miku): Aww she still thinking about her Mom.
(James): Poor girl she really wants to find her.
(Gracie): We all want to find her, I only hope she’s ok.
(Miku): Let’s hope. (hops out of James’s Jacket and switches back in her normal form) Come on.
(James): Miku your scarf.
(Miku): Oh. (gets under scarf with James) So warm.
(Gracie): You guys make a wonderful couple.
(Miku): (blushes) Love my sweet human.
(James): Love my sweet kitty. (kisses her)
(Miku): Aww James you’re so sweet. Come on.

(As the gang walked in they headed to each shop to some Christmas shopping, Later on they saw Nikki, Briar, Serena, and her brother Jax)

(James): Hi guys.
(Brair): (hugs James) Hey Jamesie.
(Jax): She is nuts for him on the holidays.
(Serena): Really bro?
(Jax): Hehe.
(Nikki): Hey where’s Mimu?
(James): Right here. (shows the gang the sleepy kitten)
(Nikki): Aww.
(James): She’s cute when she’s sleeping.
(Jax): Any leads on her mother?
(Gracie): Not a single trace.
(Briar): Oh. Hope you find her.
(???): Howdy Guys.
(James): Oh hi Carrie.
(Miku): Hey Bestie.
(Carrie): What’s up.
(Miku): Just shopping for Christmas. What about you.
(Carrie): Same as you.
(James): Well why not the more the merrier.
(Nikki): Hey guys look.

(James and Miku looked up and see that they were under a mistletoe)

(James): Why does it have to be a mistletoe.
(Miku): Aww what’s wrong about being under a mistletoe.
(James): Nothing, (pulls Miku in) as long I’m standing under it with you my little pet.
(Miku): (blushes) Aww you’re sweet. This is why I fell in love you in the first place.
(James): I love you Miku.
(Miku): I love you too James.
(James): That’s my girl. (kisses her)
(Miku): (kisses back)
(Everyone): Aww. (applaud)
(Carrie): Those two are made for each other.
(Gracie): Yep.
(Mimu): (wakes up) Are we here?
(James): Morning sleeping beauty.
(Miku): Ooh looks like there’s one more.
(Mimu): Wha? (looks up and sees the mistletoe) Oh. What should I do.
(Miku): You’re suppose to kiss James.
(Mimu): Me, kiss big brother? Ok. (climbs on James’s shoulder and kisses his cheek)
(James): (kisses Mimu’s nose)
(Everyone): Aww.
(Gracie): That’s my girl.
(Mimu): (blushes and purrs on James’s shoulder)
(Gracie): The gang and are going to go shopping you three have fun.
(James): Cool.
(Jax): Hey James, try not to cause trouble.
(James): Trust me Jax. Its Christmas eve, things are fine.
(Nikki): I knew he would say that.
(Briar): See ya guys.
(James): Lets go you two.
(Miku): Coming.

(As the group separated James, Miku, and Mimu walked around the Mall. During their walk Mimu looked around seeing kids with their mother and father which made her feel sad that she feels like the only child without a mother. Miku saw the poor kitten sad and blue)

(Miku): Mimu, you ok?
(Mimu): (lays head on James’s shoulder) Yeah.
(James): What’s wrong sweetie.
(Mimu): I don’t know. But I really want something for Christmas.
(Miku): What do you want for Christmas sweetie.
(Mimu): I don’t want to say.
(James): Is it your real mom?
(Mimu): Yes.
(Miku): Aww. Mimu honey don’t be sad, we’ll find her I promise. I never knew my mother when I was your age but did that stop me?
(Mimu): No.
(Miku): Exactly, My mom may be gone but her sprit still lives.
(James): Miku’s right. Just hope and imagine that your mom is out there, just don’t give up hope.
(Mimu): (ears drooping) Thanks for the encouragement you guys but I don’t know if my real mommy is real.

(As Mimu’s sad little heart slowly turns blue James and Miku know one thing to cheer her up and that’s with a song)

(James): Trust me you’ll see your mother yet. Miku?
(Miku): My pleasure. (sits near a piano and plays)
(James): (sings) Cheer up little sis don’t you cry. Santa’s gonna bring a wonderful gift tonight, just tell him what you wish and it’ll come true, and you’ll see what present is waiting for you.
(Miku): (sings) Sweetie pie you must believe in heart, That your mother will find you sweetheart. Free your heart and then you’ll see, A present waiting under the tree.
(Mimu): (sings) I wish you guys would be so kind to help me search my real mommy.
(James): (sings) Don’t worry we’ll find her honey.
(Miku): (sings) Just keep on hoping and you’ll see, what will you see under the tree.
(Mimu): (sings) I wish I could I see my real mother and we would be happy together.
(Safehaven Citizens): (applaud)
(James): That’s our girl, see there’s no reason to be sad be glad.
(Mimu): I guess you guys are right. (hugs James and Miku) I love you guys.
(Miku): We love you too sweetie.
(Mimu): Say lets have some fun. (hops in James’s hoodie)
(James): Why not let’s go.

(As the three headed out a mysterious white cat with blue eyes wearing a cloak was watching them from the background)

(Mysterious female cat): (sheds a tear) My beloved daughter we will meet real, I hope.

(Gracie and the rest were enjoying shopping later on when the mysterious female cat walked by them and they didn’t notice)

(Briar): Huh?
(Nikki): What’s wrong.
(Briar): Nothing.
(Serena): Strange.
(Jax): Who was that woman.
(Gracie): Wait was that, no. It couldn’t be.
(Nikki): Something wrong?
(Gracie): N-nothing.
(Mackenzie): So what do you think Big brother, Miku, and Mimu are doing.
(Zill): I don’t know.
(Kayla): Probably around.
(Gracie): I hope those two don’t get into trouble.
(Kayla): You worry to much I’m sure they’re fine.
(Gracie): That’s what I’m worried about.
(Zill): So how’s the search.
(Gracie): Not well we couldn’t find a single trace, and Mimu is getting more and more curious on looking for her.
(Nikki): Poor girl.
(Briar): At least she got you guys.
(Gracie): True that.
(Briar): Oh look there they are.
(Jax): Wow. That’s quite a haul you guys got.
(Miku): All part of being a mercenary.
(James): Everyone ready to head home?
(Gracie): What about Mimu.
(Miku): She’s all tuckered out. Still dreaming about her Mom.
(Nikki): Aww. Let’s go home guys.

(As the guys exited the mall they said their farewells and wished each other a merry Christmas and returned to the house. They wrapped their presents in secret and placed them under the tree and went to bed. Well everyone except little Mimu who is sitting near the window holding her favorite James plushy James gave her and her drawing in her little paws she really wished to see her real mother. The poor kitten is so sad and real blue when a man dressed in red stood by her)

(James’s house: James’s bedroom)
(Mimu): (sigh) I don’t think my dream is never coming true.
(Man in red): Do you think that your dream can’t be a reality?
(Mimu): Yeah if only, (sees the man in red and gasps) Are you Santa Claus?
(Santa): Hohohoho. That’s me.
(Mimu): Meowzers I can’t believe it’s actually you.
(Santa): Yes. So whats the matter Mimu.
(Mimu): Well…
(Santa): I see it’s your mother.
(Mimu): Yes.
(Santa): Well don’t give up now. She’s closer than you think.
(Mimu): Really? My mommy? Where.
(Santa): All in due time Mimu you see and by the way. You have a wonderful family and that drawing, they will love it.
(Mimu): I bet they will. Thanks Santa.
(Santa): Your welcome Mimu. (rubs Mimu’s fur)
(Mimu): (Purr)
(Santa): Now off to bed little one. Your siblings really care for you.
(Mimu): Ok. (hugs Santa) Merry Christmas Santa.
(Santa): (hugs back) Merry Christmas Mimu.

(As Santa left the presents and headed back up the chimney Mimu wrapped her gift and set them by the tree and headed to bed she layed on James’s chest and kissed his chin)

(Mimu): Thank you James. Thank you all so much. (falls to sleep)
(James): (rubs the sleeping kittens ear) You’re welcome Mimu.
(Miku): She’s really has grown.
(Gracie): Yes she has.
(Mimu): (Purr)

(The three fell back to sleep and they all saw the cute little kitten smile and by Christmas morning the four woke up and headed to the tree and opened their presents)

(James): I liked our gifts.
(Miku): Me too.
(Gracie): Hey you two come here.
(James): It’s for us.

(As the three opened their last gifts they were stunned of what they saw. It was Mimu’s drawing)

(Gracie): Mimu, you drew this?
(Mimu): You like it?
(James): We love it. Thanks Mimu.
(Mimu): You’re welcome you guys are my family.
(Miku): (giggles) That’s our girl.

(The gang were enjoying yourselfs they heard the door bell Mimu climbed on James’s shoulder and headed to the door)

(James): (opens the door) Hello?
(Mysterious female cat): Hello are you James Terry?
(James): Yes. Wait your that cloaked woman I saw at the mall. Come in please.
(Mysterious female cat): Thank you for your hospitality.
(Miku): Your welcome is the least we can do.
(Mysterious female cat): Thanks it’s great to see you again Mimu.
(Mimu): How do you know my… No it’s impossible are you.
(Mysterious female cat): (reveals herself and tears started to shed) Yes it’s me my darling.
(Gracie): Oh my god.
(Mimu): (run’s up and hugs her mother and started crying) Mommy!
(Mimu’s mom): My baby girl I missed you.
(Mimu): I missed you too.
(Miku): Aww. (hugs James and watched the sweet reunion)
(Gracie): (tears up) Best Christmas ever.

(And finally at long last Mimu is finally reunited with her long lost mother. It was the best Christmas gift she ever got. Her mother’s name was White Cat Kulu. Merry Christmas everyone)
Mimu's Christmas Wish
Mimu was getting more anxious on finding her mother and James and the other's will try to see if she can get that Christmas wish.

Hey Everyone I hope you like this. Consider this my gift to everyone Merry Christmas.

(Cheer up Mimu): By Cloudstriker15

Miku, Mimu, Kulu Belong to me.

Carrie, Zill, Kayla: Belong to Viziepop.

Jax, Nikki, Briar, Serena: Belong to my sister Pinkartsy.
Miku: Hey everyone Miku here. James and I want to wish you guys a wonderful merry Christmas and a wonderful new years. We would be expecting great gifts from you guys and give you our wonderful gratitude. So happy holidays every one.
(Season 2: Chapter 2: The Black Cat Weekend fun)

(On a nice Friday afternoon, James and the girls were planning on doing something fun for the weekends. All they've been doing is just watch tv. Miku was relaxing on James's lap in her feral form and Gracie was shining her katana and Mimu was playing with yarn. She immediately got bored then jumped onto Gracie's lap)

(James's house: Living Room)

(Miku): (sigh) I'm bored.
(Gracie): You're telling me. There's has been nothing to do.
(Mimu): We can head to the beach.
(Miku): Nah the beach was closed since the whole demon fiasco.
(James): Yeah, didn't think there were so many at the time.
(Miku): Point.
(James): Boy, there has to be something we can do.
(Mimu): Oh James which reminds me. (shows a portrait of his best friends)
(James): Well I'll be, (takes the frame) I remember these two.
(Miku): Who're they?
(James): Michelle Melo and Jesus Oros, two of my closest friends they were like a family to me in every way.
(Gracie): You miss them?
(James): Everyday of my life. Michelle too. Her and I, we both share a brother and sister relationship haven't heard from her in a long time.
(Miku): Oh. Will you see her again?
(James): Yes, I pray we'll meet again one day.
(Gracie): What's she like?
(James): She was nice, calm, and really cool. Her and I kinda share the same emotions, most of the time.
(Gracie): Wow. She sounds like a great person.
(James): Yes, she was.
(Miku): How long has it been since you last saw her?
(James): 2 1/2 years.
(Mimu): Meowzers, Really?
(James): Yeah.

(James was looking at the portrait remembering his friends back in his high school days it felt like forever but he's still remembers his old friends. Miku was doing some afternoon planting in the garden and she wearing her gardening outfit makes her look like Mother Natures sister. Gracie was cooking dinner in the kitchen and Mimu was relaxing in James's lap listening to his past stories)

(Mimu): James what's it like back in your hometown?
(James): Well Mimu I'm glad you ask. (singing) Here's a story about me, a tale that you'll see. I was happy, curious and humble, sometimes I get into trouble. But it all came so much so fast, I always had such curious past. Friends and family all so cool, it really makes me look like a fool.
(Mimu): I wish I can meet them they sounded nice I insist.
(James): They were family to me in every way lil sis.
(Mimu): Why did you leave them weren't they mean?
(James): No Mimu I left to pursue my dream.
(Mimu): (singing) What was your dream to be, please tell me please, please, please.
(James): Sorry lil sister don't want to be mean, but I already achieved my dream.
(Mimu): Really? I wish I have a dream.
(James): Well then. (singing) Dreams are our goal to see things we want to explore.
(Mimu): (jumps onto his shoulder, sings) What dream do I want sounded more then a chore.
(James): (sings) If you imagine it would be your strongest power.
(Mimu): Will it be my finist hour?
(James): We'll see lil flower. (kisses Mimu's nose)
(Mimu): (giggles and purrs, sings) Dreams is our goal, to see what's in our soul. It'll be a blast, a blast from the past, to see what it has in store.
(James): (sings) Dreams gives us power.
(Mimu): (sings) Dreams makes us stronger.
(James and Mimu): (sings in unison) Dreams makes us who we are. Dreams is are our goal and it will make us soar.

(Miku and Gracie clapped when they overheard the two singing. Mimu blushed and try to hide it by hiding in James's chest)

(James): I guess you guys heard everything?
(Miku): Yeah, you guys sounded great.
(Gracie): That's true and Mimu you can stop trying to hide it.
(Mimu): (blushed) Glad you guys like it. Is dinner ready?
(Gracie): Yes it is, come on.
(Mimu): Yay! (bounces to the kitchen)
(James): Why not I'm feeling hungry.
(Miku): Me too, all that planting really worked up a appetite.
(James): Then shall we dine my lady?
(Miku): Ooooh a gentleman. (takes James's hand) Yes, let's.
(Gracie): (squeals) Can those two ever be so more adorable?

(As the four headed to kitchen and ate their dinner, except for James was hardly eating any, the girls got suspicious when they saw him hardly eating his food Miku started to ask him if he's ok)

(Miku): James you ok?
(James): (startled) Huh? Yeah I'm fine.
(Gracie): There's something you want to tell us?
(James): No I'm fine. (gets up) I think I lost my appetite. (walks away)
(Gracie): I'm going to talk to him.
(Miku): Ok.
(Mimu): Is big brother going to be okay?
(Miku): He'll be fine Mimu, I hope.

(James was laying on his bed and the frame was his nightstand he began wondering if he left his real friends for no reason)

(James): (sigh)
(Gracie): Hey James.
(James): Hey sis.
(Gracie): (sits next to him) Mind telling me what's wrong?
(James): I don't wanna talk about it.
(Gracie): James, you know how curious I am when it comes to you.
(James): You never were the one to give up trying.
(Gracie): At least tell me I'm your sister and I want to help you.
(James): Ok. Well remember when Mimu brought the photo of my best friends?
(Gracie): Yeah?
(James): Well I was just thinking that what I did was right or wrong, I left them to persue my dream, being a mercenary is fun and all but does it feel like something's missing in life like my real family is missing, and I miss them.
(Gracie): Aww James (lays next to James) your family may be there, but you got family here. Me, Mimu, Miku, Mackenzie, everyone and (holds his hand) we all love you.
(James): (holds her hand) Thanks sis and I love you guys too.
(Gracie): James can I ask you something?
(James): Yeah what's up.
(Gracie): (snuggles against him) Promise me that we'll always be a family.
(James): (pulls her closer to his chest) Its a promise.
(Gracie): (listens to his heartbeat and falls asleep) Thank you...big brother.
(James): (kisses her forehead and rubs the back of her fur) You're welcome sis. (falls asleep)

(James and Gracie fell asleep in each other's arms, Miku and Mimu were watching them sleep from a distance)

(Mimu): Aren't they cute when they sleep together?
(Miku): Yeah. Wait I got an idea for the weekend.
(Mimu): Really? What is it.
(Miku): Listen closely.

(Miku was planning the weekend as we speak she stayed up all night writing what to do on the weekend plan. Mimu was a little confused but if it will take for her brother to be happy she will go through with it. The next morning Mimu woke up in Miku's den to find her sister not in the den She headed out and stretched only to find James and Gracie still asleep she headed to the living room and found Miku asleep, she didn't want to wake her up but she found a list right next to her)

(Mimu): Huh? (looks at the list) This must be the list Miku was working on she must've been working on. Guess she must be desperate to make James happy. (here's the alarm clock and   quickly put down the list)

(Miku): (wakes up and stretched) Morning Mimu.
(Mimu): (jumps on chest and purrs) Morning big sis.
(Miku): Well time to get started on that list.
(Mimu): What's the list for?
(Miku): Its a list that will make James happy, we'll do everything on schedule.
(Mimu): Uh sis?
(Miku): Not now sweetie I should've made breakfast a minute ago. (rushes to the kitchen)
(Mimu): (confused) Why do I have a feeling this might not end well.

(James's house: bedroom)

(Gracie): (wakes up and sees James still asleep) Mmm. (purrs against his chest, gets up and heads down to the kitchen and finds Miku cooking) Morning Miku.

(James's house: kitchen)

(Miku): Morning Gracie has James waken up yet?
(Gracie): No he's still asleep.
(Miku): Quick wake him up breakfast is going to be over in 20 minutes, wake him up right...
(James): (shows up and yawns) Jeez Miku calm down I'm awake. (sits on the chair)
(Mimu): (jumps on his lap) Morning Jamie.
(James): (scratches her fur) Morning kiddo.
(Mimu): (purrs) James, Miku is kinda acting weird today.
(Gracie): (sits on the chair) How so sweetie?
(Mimu): (points out) That's how.

(The three were surprised when they saw Miku finishing breakfast at a fast pace and James noticed something else)

(James): Huh?
(Gracie): What is it.
(James): Take a look at her hair.
(Gracie): Huh? (sees something wrong about Miku's hair) Miku's hair is messed up? That's unusual.
(James): Yeah Miku never leaves her hair like that. Something wrong Miku?
(Miku): Nothing breakfast is ready. (serves breakfast at a fast pace)
(James): Miku, what's up with you today.
(Miku): Oh nothing.
(James): Really, because you look like Kayla on a bad hair day.


(Kayla): Ugh I hate Mondays
(Zill): Wow Kayla what's up with your....
(Kayla): (grabs Zills tail and throws him through the building)
(Zill): (crashed through walls to Cameron's office) Was it something I said?

(Cutaway end)

(Miku): Come on sweetie finish up we got so many things to do. (Laughing crazy)
(Mimu): (hides in Gracie's shirt) I'm scared.
(Gracie): Me too.
(James): That's right I promise Mackenzie that I will take her to the Mall.
(James): Miku, you have lost your mind.
(Miku): (twitching) No my sweet. I'm more excited to spend time with my owner.
(James): Miku look at you you're twitching so much your fur is starting to shed.
(Miku): So?
(Gracie): So, I mean what's gotten into you.
(Miku): (looks at herself and doesn't care) I don't care. (jumps off the table and grabs James with her tail) Come on James there's so much to do.
(James): Miku I think you need to...
(Miku): Hang on. (dashes out of the house)
(James): Whoa!! (gets dragged out of the house)
(Mimu): This can't be good.
(Gracie): You're right come on.
(Mimu): Right. (hops on Gracie's back, summoned a pair of wings)

(As the girls followed the crazed Miku around town. James was getting third degree burns and Miku's eyes was all red she completely lost her mind. The girls were searching for their siblings when they saw Scott James's brother)

(Safehaven: shopping district)

(Gracie): Hey Scott!
(Scott): Hi Girls.
(Mimu): Have you seen James and our crazy sister Miku?
(Scott): No but I did saw something dashing it might be them.
(Mimu): Thanks. Wanna help?
(Scott): Sure why not I'm not doing anything right now. (hops into his car) Let's go ladies.
(Gracie): Right.

(As the three are on hot pursuit Miku stopped by a dress shop and tried on some new dresses in a fast pace. Next was the diner where she was stuff James's face and blazed a hot trail across the city)

(Miku): Just you wait Jonathan when this day is done you'll more happy then you'll ever be.
(James): But Miku can you just stop and listen?
(Scott): (catches up with them) Hey James what's up.
(James): Oh you know getting dragged through town getting a third degree burn on my butt so everything's fine, so be a awesome brother and HELP ME STOP MY CAT!
(Scott): Hey kitten what's up.
(Miku): Hi Scotty trying to make James happy.
(Gracie): Well you're doing the opposite of that.
(Miku): What do you mean.
(Mimu): Look at his face.

(Miku turned around seeing James getting mad instead of happy. She stopped and released him)

(Miku): James are you okay?
(James): Okay, okay?! I've been dragged across town and all you've been doing is trying to make me happy but guess what, you're doing the complete opposite. I was already happy before you started to go all crazy.
(Miku): But James you were all sad and I wanted to...
(James): Save it Miku. I'm going home. (summons demon wings and flies home)
(Miku): James, I'm sorry.
(Scott): Kitten, I'm sorry but James is right, you can't be dragging him all over town to make him happy.
(Miku): But all I want to do is, ohh. (flies away)
(Gracie): Miku wait.
(Scott): We should follow her.
(Mimu): She might be heading to the house.
(Scott): Alright let's go.

(As the gang headed back to the house, James was laying in bed all unhappy, Miku came through the door and just felt terrible, she saw James on the bed and was all slient)

(James's house: James's room)

(Miku): James are you feeling ok?
(James): Go away Miku.
(Miku): James please. I'm sorry please let me make it up to you.
(James): (gets up) If you really want to help me why won't you... WHY WONT YOU STAY IN YOUR DEN AND LEAVE ALONE!
(Miku): (gasped and slapped his face) Fine if that's what you wanted then fine. Because (tears up) I'm sorry that I ever known you. I hate you James Terry I never wanted to be your girlfriend again. (runs into her den in tears)
(James): Miku. Ah men what have I done.
(Scott): (zooms in) Oh no we're too late.
(Gracie): James where's Miku.
(James): If you're looking for my ex girlfriend she's in the den.
(Mimu): Ex? You mean you two...
(James): Yes we're finished. It's over between us.
(Gracie): No James say it's not possible.
(James): It's true.
(Mimu): Ohh.

(It look like James and Miku are finally broken up. Miku felt guilty and she cried and cried she pinned the blame on herself she will never be herself again. Will Miku try to rekindle their love or is it the end of the heroic duo as we know it find out next time, to be continued)


(Mimu): Hi everyone Mimu here. Meowsers its been almost a month since those two talked.
(Gracie): I know but there's nothing we can do. We should leave them.
(Mimu): I think so poor guys. Next time The Black cats despair see you Meow.
The Mysterious Talking Cat
The team were bored and tried to find something to do. When Mimu saw a photo of her brother and his friends she decided to show it to him. But it made him reminded of his past it filled him up sadness and grief. Miku was cooking up a plan to make James happy but things went haywire but now it's up to the girls and Scott to save their brother.


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